Homeowner’s Guide

waste managementFACT: An unused septic system left over the winter or even a few weeks is DEAD. The bacteria in the septic system needs fresh material to keep it going or it dies. Cold winter temperatures also kill the bacteria.

Solution: Add 1 bag of TELA-MS7 to your system to kick start it & then the monthly maintenance schedule.
Or, Add ½ cup of RC 4 every week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Then regular monthly maintenance of : ½ cup RC4 every month that you are using the cottage, plus ½ cup RC4 on closing day of the cottage.

1. Septic systems need regular maintenance. The amount is depended upon usage. Minimum is monthly
2. Cold winter temperatures kill the septic bacteria. Even if you go away for a few weeks, your system will die.
3. Adding liver to your septic is an “old wives tale”. There are no active bacteria in liver.
4. Antibacterial hand soaps are not good for the septic system as it kills the bacteria in the system
5. Chemical cleaning solutions are not good for the septic as they cannot be broken down.
6. Water used for cleaning of paint brushes and rollers should never be put down into the septic system.
7. Chemical solutions, readily available at any hardware or grocery store will clean blocked drains but they are not good for your septic system.