Do’s and Dont’s About Septics


  • If you have a water softener – Do not send wash water to septic system
  • Do not flush the following down the toilet:
    – dental Floss, feminine hygiene product
    – condoms, diapers
    – cotton swabs, cigarette butts
    – coffee grounds, cat litter
    – paper towels
  • Household chemicals, gasoline, oil, pesticides, antifreeze and paint can stress or destroy the biological treatment taking place in our system.
  • Fats and oils from cooking are potential problems for both pipe blockage and for plugging the septic system.
  • Too much water into your system:
    – Reduce the amount of water going into the system by selecting the proper washing machine load size or using the new load water high efficiency models.
    – Use ‘low flow’ toilets 3 – 6 Litres per flush VS 12 – 20 Litres per flush
    – Stop dripping fossets
    – Use high efficiency shower heads or shower flow restrictors
  • When unplugging blocked drains, chemical treatments are readily available at any hardware or grocery store and they can do the job BUT the chemicals and not good for your septic system.