About Us

We are an Atlantic Canadian accredited agent representing TELAMODE Canada Inc. Solutions for Natural Waste Management.” Products for septic systems, grey/black water holding tanks, and grease traps. These natural digesters (anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and enzymes) can be applied directly to your toilet. Each product is designed to keep the biological balance with nutrient rich by-products. They enhance and maintain a suitable environment for life and growth”. TELAMODE recently celebrated their 40th year in business.

As a Professional Engineer and someone who has used the solutions for more than 15 years our primary concern is the right product to help protect your environment and your investment. After speaking with you face to face or as you choose we will be able to offer solutions to all of your unique challenges.

All of our solutions are environmental friendly multipurpose cleaners, as well as odor eliminators, cleaning and maintenance products.

Our manufacturer supplier maintains the highest standards and all of our products became certified under Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program as of 2002. You are getting a product that meets or exceeds the standards set by Environmental Choice Program by purchasing our products. This certification is verified on a yearly basis.

“Our products are the only approved supplier of septic treatment products for all KOA camp grounds”.
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