Eco Friendly Septic Solutions is an Atlantic based company distributes waste disposal products for your septic system maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to protect the environment and to offer natural digesters, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and enzymes which are applied directly from your toilet system.

The purpose of using an additive is to digest or “liquefy/gasify” the solids in a septic tank, rejuvenate stressed bacterial populations in the septic tank, or increase settle ability of solids in the septic tank

Our company distributes a number of environmentally friendly product to include:
No water” urinals (“waterless urinals” / “zero flush urinals) in addition we specialize in toilet bowl maintenance for urinals and troughs. Our products clean and freshen and ultimately prevent pipe blockage. This will ultimately reduce the frequency of urinal flushing in time as it dispenses bacteria, water softening agents and enzymes into the pipeline with every flush.

With the addition of friendly multipurpose cleaners, odor reducers, and products to reduce soap scum, grime, organic buildup, lime , mildew rust and deposits from hard water our solutions are safe and non-toxic to your environment, commercial or residential.

Our manufacturer TELAMODE products became certified under Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program as of 2002. All of our solutions meets or exceeds the standards set by the Environmental Choice Program .of 2002. This is verified on a yearly basis.

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Hole in the Wall Park and Campground
In the mid 1990’s a presentation of RC4 products was made at a meeting of the Campground Owners Association of New Brunswick. We ordered the product at that time and have used it in our septic systems ever since, approximately 12 years. Our wilderness campground is served by small septic systems and we use the RC4 product per the instructions in all of them. To date, we have had the occasional ‘pump out ‘ of the tanks, but never had a field that failed.
Kaye Small, Owner-Manager – Canada